DRA Group® Ltd.

DRA Group® Ltd. tends towards harmonization of acitivities in waste management with an aim of raising efficiency and responsibility in ecological management and use of resources.

DRA Group® Ltd. company aims at establishing collaboration with business entities which generate waste through their own development or processes of production. Our suggestion is the establishment of cooperation at the very beginning of production of the end product in order to ensure and provide for favorable conditions for apporpriate waste management. Such practices would entail:

-          Appropriate determination of EWC code of waste

-          Appropriate sorting of waste at the place of creation

-          Appropriate packaging and marking

-          Appropriate waste analysis request submissions



Prior experiences have shown that mistakes are made at the beginning of waste generation thus creating unwanted albeit avoidable expenses. At the same time, untimely planing of waste streams would put the environment and the health of other people at risk. Thus, it is very important have a right mental attitude towards waste management in order to create the ideal conditions in which one could lead by example in waste management and ensure less health hazards for one's fellow citizens.



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