“DRA GROUP” company is actively involved in education of citizens and waste generators as well as in popularization and spreading of the strategy of developing environment protection. Education is the base for a healthy and safe environment because lack of information is leading to reduced interest of the general population and waste generators.

The target group are the youngest citizens together with all the largest waste generators which are endangering the ecologically acceptable standard for safeguarding of flora and fauna in their immediate and farther environment surroundings. We have to have an acceptable and adaptable system relating to all kinds of wastes to be able to handle them in an eco friendly fashion.

We have made a “WASTE SORTING GUIDE” pointing out inappropriate waste handling. It is important that waste is correctly and safely sorted and stored from the very beginning.

We give the Guide to our waste management partners as a part of planning waste management Project.

It’s a simple and an acceptable principle for everyone. If you live in an apartment it’s difficult to, without professional assistance, coordinate these needs because all waste generators have to adhere to this instruction. Our exact goal in education is a gradual rise in citizen awareness for better and healthier waste management. Often ignorant citizens throw away hazardous waste and thus put themselves and the environment in danger. Since the passing of the new waste management Law all, for various reasons unused waste has to be taken back by the same waste generators who sold it.

We support the idea that trade declarations have to have an exact place of return for hazardous waste like prescription drugs past their expiration date, old batteries, used oil, etc.


Our primary goal is the efficient implementation of environment protection...


“DRA GROUP” company collaborates with individuals and institutions whose work...


 “DRA GROUP” company is actively involved in education...

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