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"DRA GROUP" Ltd the company is registered to conduct business in management and consulting services for business management of hazardous wastes, and environmental protection activities, temporary storage, collection, transport and export of hazardous substances.


  • ul Ivana Gorana Kovačića 11/1,Subotica 24000, Srbija

    tel./fax: + 381 (0)24 533 636
    mob: + 381 (0)60 533 636 0
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  • On 31st of August 2012. DRA Group® d.o.o. successfully concluded the export for final treatment of hazardous waste in the form of discarded...

  • DRA Group® Ltd. tends towards harmonization of acitivities in waste management with an aim of raising efficiency and responsibility in...

  • DRA Group® d.o.o. has underwent a regular inspection of its acitivities by the Ministry of Energy, Development and Environment Protection.

    The inspection has concluded that DRA Group® d.o.o. completely and diligently adhered to the laws and regulations governing its field of business activities.

    The report can be found...

  • For a long time now DRA Group® d.o.o. has been engaged in registration and approval of a new company seal at the Republic of Serbia's Bureau for intellectual property. Protection of the markings of a company is a long-term process which never ends but is greatly alleviated through registration at compenent authorities.



  • The following text is an excerpt of a news article about DRA Group® ltd. and its manager Vladimir Dragović

    Journalist: When was the company founded and what is its scope of activity?

    Vladimir Dragović: DRA Group® ltd. is a company founded in 2007 which is active in the field of environment protection which entials,...

  • In the past ten months DRA Group® d.o.o. has been in the process of having its official registered at the Bureau for intellectual property of the Republic of Serbia. The seal of the company has been officially registered on 13th of November 2012. and is valid from 20th of April 2012.

    Consequently the entire process has been...




    Stressing the essential role of the lawmakers in the field of waste management, the general manager of DRA Group d.o.o. Vladimir Dragović warns that cooperation between the operators and competent authorities must...

  • DRA Group® doo has started the process of notification with an aim of exporting hazardous waste from the Republic of Serbia to the EU where it will undergo final treatment and disposal. The requests for issuing of permits have been submitted to the competent authorities and now we are facing the period where the request is being...